Happy New Year Lightseekers!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, “We have a lot of fun things planned for 2019!”

This is your introduction to our latest addition.

What are Pincer Points?

Simply, Pincer Points are rewards you can earn for discounts on future purchases.

Over the past 16 months you folks in the Lightseekers community have been simply fantastic. I love getting out to meet you at tournaments and conventions. I love chatting with you on Discord and challenging you in the app.

Now I want to give back a little.

How can I earn Pincer Points?

There will be many ways that you can acquire Pincer Points, but the main method for most of you will be right here on Delivery Crab.

For each $1 you spend on DeliveryCrab.com you will be rewarded with 5 Pincer Points.

EXCEPTION: Pincer Points will not be awarded for the purchase of Delivery Crab Gift Certificates.

Keep an eye out for additional methods in the future. Some of these methods may include:

  • Participating in Delivery Crab Tournaments
  • Social media trivia/contests/giveaways
  • Other online events

You never know when I might feel like giving away a few freebies.

How do I spend Pincer Points?

Spending your points is very simple.

During the checkout process, if you have Pincer Points to spend, you will now see a prompt asking if you would like to use your points. You will have the option to use some or all of your points for your current order.

Every 100 Pincer Points you earn is worth a $1 discount.

EXCEPTION: Pincer Points cannot be applied to Tournament Registration Fees or Pre-orders.

How can I track my Pincer Points?

Once you sign into your Delivery Crab account you will find a new tab on the dashboard for Pincer Points.

Simply click on this tab to view all your Pincer Point activity.

Starter Points

As a thank you to everyone who has already created a Delivery Crab account, I have added 300 points to get you started.

If you feel any points are missing from your account, please feel free to contact me.

In any case, thank you so much for supporting Delivery Crab and I hope we will meet again in 2019!