I've had many people ask, so we are going to try it.

After some extensive research (and some extra cardio for the Delivery Crabs), DeliveryCrab.com will now deliver to Canada.

Shipping rates will start at $9.99* and will vary greatly depending on what you order and how fast you want it to get there.

Additional Fees

When ordering, please keep the following in mind.

Customers are responsible for any import duties, fees, and/or taxes related to an order. Because rates vary, we are unable to answer questions regarding your country’s import duties and/or taxes.

We will not intentionally under-declare the value of a package or declare the package as a gift, for the express purpose of avoiding import duties, fees, and/or taxes.

If you refuse a shipment because of your country’s import duties, fees, and/or taxes, we will refund your order subtotal, minus any fees required for us to accept the returned package, once the package has been returned to us.

Shipping Time

Due to the distance covered and customs procedures, international shipments will take longer than those within the US.

While I do all that is in my power to get your shipment out quickly, I do not have control over the process after that.

It is common for international shipment to arrive 1-3 weeks after the order is placed.

Other Questions

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

I'm happy to see that our friends in Canada have taken a strong liking to Lightseekers as well. I look forward to getting to know you all better through this fantastic game we all love.

* Rates subject to change.