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DCC: Ohio – December 2018

This was our first time visiting Ohio and I think know it's safe to say that we'll be back.

The tournament in Toledo set a new attendance record for the Delivery Crab Circuit. The number to beat now stands at 15 players.

A good time was had by all and there was a great variety in deck lists. Even though we had a record number of players, there was only ONE duplicate hero in the bunch.

That's right! We had 15 players and 14 different heroes being played. You can find the Top 8 decks below.





Player: jacobjcoon

Hero: High Curator Arawn


Action Cards

Side Deck

Player: jevansfp

Hero: Treanu


Action Cards

Side Deck

Player: 22aeva

Hero: Zuna


Action Cards

Side Deck

Player: Frozenexile

Hero: Kivi Sunfist


Action Cards

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