The future of the Lightseekers TCG is on its way and it looks bright!


PlayFusion announced two expansions for the Lightseekers TCG this week in their press release.

Set 2 – Mythical

Lightseekers Mythical Booster Pack

The first set Lightseekers Mythical is comprised of 152 new cards (in addition to a number of reprints). The set will introduce Cross-Order Heroes which (from what I understand) will all be of the brand new Mythic rarity.

Cross-Order Heroes will feature two Elements from one Order and one Element from a different Order. In other words, they will allow you to play a limited cross-order deck without an items. (Naturally, you can still use items to extend your abilities, but it may not be necessary.)

Each Mythical booster pack will contain 10 cards as opposed to the 9 cards we saw in Awakening. Each pack is also guaranteed to have a Foil card.

As Willie, explained it to me in his interview though: 8 of the 10 cards will be Action cards. The ninth slot will be a Hero or Combo. The tenth slot is your Foil card which could be any card type and any rarity.

CORRECTION: Benny clarified the booster breakdown for me.

A Mythical booster will contain:

  • 5 Common cards (usually Action cards, but can be Combos)
  • 2 Uncommon cards (usually Action cards, but can be Combos)
  • 1 Rare card (usually an Action card, but can be a Combo)
  • 1 Combo or Hero of any rarity (3/4 Combo, 1/4 Hero)
  • 1 Foil of any type and any rarity

While this should make the bulk of your deck building easier, I do think that some Heroes and Combos will be very hard to find.

Starting this Sunday, February 11th, PlayFusion will be revealing cards from the new set on their website. This will continue every day (with the help of some partners) up until the release of the set on March 20, 2018.

These cards will be valid for competitive play immediately including the US Regional tournament at PAX East April 5-8.

More Potential Qualifying Event in the US

  • Emerald City CC (Seattle) – March 1-4
  • SXSW (Austin) – March 9-18
  • Anime Matsuri (Houston) – March 29 – April 1
  • Momo Con (Atlanta) May 24-27
  • Dream Hack (Austin) June 1-3
  • Origins Game Fair (Columbus) – June 13-17
  • Anime Expo (Los Angeles) – July 5-8

Set 3

The yet-to-be-named Set 3, is set to be revealed at Gen Con this year (August 2-5).

It will release shortly after on August 7, 2018.

Lightseekers TCG Companion App

Many of you have already had the chance to use the Companion app, but if you haven't I highly suggest that you download it now.

Going forward this will be your portal to all things Lightseekers when you're at an event. The app is used to run major tournaments and it can also be used for local gatherings.

It's still a work in progress, but its core is functional. The Lightseekers TCG Companion app is currently available for iOS and Android.

Lightseekers Digital TCG

Speaking of apps, there is another huge project in the works.

We don't have a lot of details at this point.

They are aiming for a mid-June release and we have been assured that there will be a way to “unclaim” cards for the purposes of trading or selling.

Organized Play

Lightseekers Organized Play is getting a little more organized.

There have been a select few early adopters that have been running regular Lightseekers events over the past few months, but it's about to get lot more exciting.

Each month (beginning April 1, 2018) the Organized Play team will recognize one specific Hero. Playing in weekly events you will have the opportunity to win a Foil card of that Hero. (This will likely include Starter Deck Heroes who do not currently have Foil cards.) All participants will receive a Foil Combo card selected from the Hero's Order.

Each location's monthly winner will also receive a special playmat featuring the Hero of the month.

If your store is not already running Lightseekers events, either get them to contact [email protected] or you can send the store's contact information to the same email and PlayFusion will try to contact them.


PlayFusion has also been in talks with Ultra PRO.

Together they will be producing a number of branded accessories for the Lightseekers TCG player.

This will include:

  • Deck Boxes
  • Card Sleeves
  • Playmats

These accessories should be available early this Spring at your local card shop.

Changes to the Game (Not on the Podcast)

In addition to all the announcements above, a few changes are being made to the game itself.

Two more cards will be added to the Constructed Ban List.

  • Pollen Weaver
  • Moon Song

The definition of “Power” will also be changing. Moving forward “power” will only increase damage and healing done.

These changes will go into effect with the release of Wave 2 on March 20, 2018.

Finally, The Heap has been added to the Errata.

For full details and further explanation of these changes, check out the original article here.

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