If you’re new to the game of Lightseekers, I urge you to listen to this episode.

If you only play the digital version of Lightseekers, I strongly urge you to listen to this episode.

I know all too well how enticing it can be to just jump into a game without reading a boring rule book especially when the game is in a digital format, but there are a few rules you should know.

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • The Buff Phase
  • Elemental Superiority
  • Abilities
  • Combo Payments
  • Both Players at 0 Health
  • Scan Before Sharing
  • Tribute Cards

Tribute Cards to Scan

Lightseekers TCG Tribute Cards

Links Mentioned in This Episode

Upcoming Delivery Crab Events

Delivery Crab Circuit – November 3, 2018

  • Brownsburg, Indiana
  • Hilton Garden Inn

Delivery Crab Circuit – November 17, 2018

  • Mt. Laurel, NJ
  • Holiday Inn Express

Details and registration information can be found here.

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Matt Sonnenberg

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