We have a bonus episode for you this week.

There was a lot of exciting Lightseekers news that required some extra coverage, so here's a brand new episode. Little did I know that Carl would be bringing some exclusive news to share with listeners of podcast.

Full show notes coming soon, but thanks for listening!

Upcoming Delivery Crab Events

Delivery Crab Circuit – January 19, 2019

  • Silver Tier
  • Mooresville, IN
  • White Flag Games

Delivery Crab Circuit – February 23, 2019

  • Silver Tier
  • Mt. Laurel, NJ
  • Holiday Inn

Delivery Crab Circuit – March 23, 2019

  • Silver Tier
  • Glen Ellyn, IL
  • TPK Gaming

Details and registration information can be found here.

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Matt Sonnenberg

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