UPDATE: Bulk Lots can now be purchased directly.

If you want a ton of Lightseekers cards at a low price, this is for you.

Whether you're playing physically or you just want to scan them all into the app and collect all the extra gold, this deal is for you.

All bulk orders begin with the base prices listed below PLUS shipping (generally between $5-$20 based on number of cards in the order).

Non-Foil Lots

  • Common: $1 per 100 cards
  • Uncommon: $2 per 100 cards
  • Rare: $7 per 100 cards

Foil Lots

  • Mixed (no guarantees of rarity): $10 per 100 cards

These lots MAY include cards from Waves 1-3 (Awakening, Mythical, and Kindred). They WILL NOT include any Wave 4 (Uprising) cards at this time.

First come, first served. While supplies last.

If you're interested, please fill out the form below.

If the cards are available, you will be sent an invoice to be paid within 3 days (or your order may be cancelled).

If the cards you request are not available, you will be contacted with additional information.