It's that time again. We're just a few weeks away from the new Wave so it's time for some reveals!

Lightseekers Kindred Card Reveal - Telestan Priest

While Telestan Priest is a lowly common card, I think it will see a lot of play time. It's one of those rare cards that does a little bit of everything.

How can you pass up:

  • 2 Healing
  • 1 Damage
  • 1 Card

To top it all off, this card belongs to the Chimchu family as well. We don't know the full scope of the Chimchu family abilities, but it's often good for an additional action.

Is two healing and one damage not enough for you?

Try pairing this with Skyward Observatory. Now you're looking at four healing, three damage, and you still get to draw a card!

What other interactions can you think of for the Telestan Priest?