Today I have the honor and privilege of unveiling a third card from the upcoming Lightseekers Mythical expansion.

While this is my final reveal, it might just be the best one yet.

I am absolutely thrilled to say that it is once again #StormSunday. Despite not having many Top 8 appearances thus far, the Storm Order is definitely my favorite.

In the video above, I really just started highlighting the possibilities within the Storm Order as it stands right now.

Not only are there so many more possibilities when you think about cross-order decks, but there are some very strong possibilities coming up in Lightseekers Mythical.

Ultimately cards with clunky corners and big numbers are your best friend (see Umbron Brute), but I just love the fact that unassuming defensive cards can aide you in mounting a massive attack.

I'm going to have a lot of fun with the Storm Conduit.

Storm Conduit (Storm - Combo - Rare) - Lightseekers Mythical