When Delivery Crab first opened up shop, it was one of the first Lightseekers singles sellers in the world.

I wanted to see the game grow, so I opened up orders to a worldwide audience. Unfortunately, as a small business, it turns out this is not very practical.

Unexpected Costs

To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, here's a look at the last international order we shipped out.

The cost of shipping the package from the US to the UK was $31.86 (USD).

International Shipping Costs

Keep in mind at this time Delivery Crab was only charging $20 for international shipping, so we're already in the hole, but that wasn't all.

Upon arrival in the UK, the package was subject to import fees. And since they had to wait for payment of the import fees, they tacked on a handling charge as well. These fees and charges totaled up to £18.78 (GBP). As of this writing, Google tells me that translates to about $25.30.

So to ship just once small package from the US to the UK, it really cost $57.16.

This is not a fee I can continually pay and it is certainly not a fee I can ask my customers to pay.

With this in mind, Delivery Crab has discontinued international shipping.

Other Options

Now just because you live outside of the US, does not mean you're completely out of luck.

With the game's growing popularity, more and more Lightseekers singles sellers are starting to pop up. This is one reason that made the decision to discontinue international sales a little easier.

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While I may not be shipping orders worldwide anymore, be sure to check out the Need More Buffs podcast. I guarantee you it will never be limited to the US.