It was first announced a few months ago that new Lightseekers accessories were on the way. These accessories would include playmats, deck boxes, and card sleeves produced by Ultra PRO.

Well, today I'm happy to announce that the first of these accessories has arrived.

Today marks the launch of three brand new playmat designs. All three of these playmats will be available immediately from Delivery Crab.

Blue Burst

Lightseekers Playmat - Blue Burst

The Blue Burst design may look familiar to those who attended PAX East. A modified design of this mat was used for the PAX East Exclusive playmats.

Rock Glow

Lightseekers Playmat - Rock Glow

The Rock Glow design is an enlarged version of the card backs. It's simple, yet striking and it's one of the first “full art” designs. You may notice that there are no designated slots for your cards on the bottom of the mat.

Mythical Heroes

Lightseekers Playmat - Mythical Heroes

Like the Rock Glow, the Mythical Heroes design also uses the “full art” style. This playmat features heroes from Wave 2 including:

  • Rhyon the Stubborn
  • Fizzi the Fierce
  • Tillandi
  • Venomweaver Arcin
  • Chief Steelfeather
  • Darkleaf

All three new mats are available now.

The deck boxes and card sleeves are still coming, but we do not have a specific release date at this time.