Delivery Crab (Storm - Defend - Uncommon) - Lightseekers TCGAll cards are purchased new and unscanned.

Cards are placed in penny sleeves as soon as they are received. All singles remain sleeved while they are in our possession.

Foil cards are immediately placed in top loaders as well to minimize the bending/warping that is inevitable with this type of card. For large orders (greater than 20 cards) Foil cards will be removed from the top loader (still in the penny sleeve) in order to be packed and shipped.

Shipping The Cards

Singles: 20 Cards or Less

For orders of 20 cards or less, each card will be placed in a penny sleeve and a top loader. All top loaders will be placed in a team bag (no tape used). These cards will be shipped in a padded mailer.

Singles: More Than 20 Cards

For orders greater than 20 cards, each card will be placed in a penny sleeve. These cards will be packed and shipped in a card storage box.


Cards purchased as a set will be placed in penny sleeves and shipping in a card storage box.

Grab Bags

Cards purchased as a grab bag will be packed (un-sleeved) in a deck box, hinged plastic case, or similar. (Exact shipping container is based on size of the lot.)

Cost & Location

There is a flat shipping charge regardless of how many cards you order.

Shipping Location Order Total Less Than $25 Order Total More Than $25
United States $3.50 FREE

Delivery Crab no longer ships internationally. Details (and alternate sellers) can be found here.